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Caribbean Map
Caribbean Map

View from the tranquil Caribbean Sea of the Resort of Buccament Bay

View from the tranquil Caribbean Sea of the Resort of Buccament Bay

Discover lush tropical rainforests, coconut groves and beautiful volcanic beaches on the captivating islands of St Vincent and The Grenadines.

Widely known for its superb sailing conditions, St Vincent and its 32 sister islands and cays offers the "Ideal Paradise Adventure".

St Vincent & The Grenadines are a group of islands west of Barbados. Islands in the Grenadines include: Mustique, Bequia,Canouan, Palm Island and Union Island.

The Tobago Cays is renowned as one of the most popular destinations for people looking for a sailing holiday in the caribbean, as well as having the superb beach at Salt Whistle Bay.

Diving on the west coast of St Vincent around the Buccament Bay area, has some of the best dive sites in the Caribbean. For this reason there are many dive centres to cater for this Market

St Vincent has remained largely unspoilt from international development and as such the island remains exclusive and is a relatively undiscovered jewel in the Caribbean.

The plans for St Vincent's first  international airport at Argyle are well underway which will enable incoming flights from around the globe.

In addition to improvements in infrastructure the English Cricket team play their warm up games on St Vincent. During the 2007 Cricket

World Cup, they will be playing Australia and Bermuda.

St Vincent & The Grenadines have a promising future.

St Vincent and The Grenadines is Mother Nature's finest gift to the Caribbean.With unforgettable sapphire seas, turquoise lagoons and palm-fringed beaches, exploring these magical islands is the stuff of dreams.

The Leeward (west) coast of St Vincent leads to many interesting sights. A visit to the Botanical Gardens, the oldest in the Western Hemisphere, is a favourite stop for both visitors and locals.

Here, rare and exotic flowers, plants and trees abound. The garden was founded in 1762 as a commercial breeding ground for plants brought from other parts of the world. St Vincent was Captain Bligh's original destination when the mutiny on HMS Bounty delayed his first scheduled arrival.

The waters around St Vincent & The Grenadines offer perfect sailing conditions in picture postcard surroundings.The scent of fresh coconut and the sound of steel drums carried on a warm breeze.

A Caribbean flotilla is a truly tropical experience. For couples, it's the ultimate romantic escape with long, sandy beaches and tiny desert islands, and for solo travellers and groups of friends it is simply 'dream' sailing.

Explore the bays and beautiful beaches of  St Vincent and then plot a course for The Grenadines where more adventure awaits. Steady, sure winds on the high seas and steady 78-degree temperatures make for exhilarating sailing all year-round.

Diving sites abound in the turquoise waters surrounding these volcanic islands.Abundant reef-life, normally found at 80ft in most dive destinations around the world, flourishes here at depths of only 25ft.There are an extraordinary variety of tropical reef fish to be found such as angelfish, sergeant majors and peacock flounder.The shallow-water reefs surrounding almost every island make snorkelling an exciting adventure for children and adults alike. Local dive shops and tour operators are both knowledgeable and experienced at making arrangements, according to each individual's requirements.

Travellers to St Vincent and The Grenadines can feed their taste for adventure - as well as seclusion - by visiting sites used in the Disney movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and exploring some of the Caribbean's most protected bays both above and below the waves.

The movie is historically grounded in fact, as St Vincent was no stranger to pirates who stumbled upon a last stronghold of the Carib Indians against the onslaught of French and English colonisers.Today's more peaceful buccaneers will find in St Vincent a last bastion of a Caribbean that pre-dates the era of mass tourism.

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