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Are you looking for the best of both worlds, to be close to everything Athens has to offer and still away from the bustle of the city? Then try out our Villas and Apartments in the Athens Rental area.


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Holiday rentals in Athens Greece

Hotel Apartments Delice
Athens Rental
Very good, 8.3 Score from 71 reviews

Hotel Apartments Delice  

Athens Rental

Just a few minutes away from Athens' National Gallery, this aparthotel offers a variety of comfortable accommodation for short and long stay guests and is close to the metro station. There is 1 person looking at this aparthotel. More Athens Rental

Oasis Hotel Apartments
Athens Rental
Good, 7.9 Score from 47 reviews

Oasis Hotel Apartments  

Glyfada,, Athens Rental

This 4-star hotel offers comfortable and spacious suites and apartments with adjoining conference centre, beautifully located in the Athens Riviera. There are 3 people looking at this aparthotel. More Athens Rental

Latest booking: 1 hour ago updater
Mc Queen
Athens Rental
Superb, 9.0 Score from 132 reviews

Mc Queen

Athens Rental

Located in the heart of Athens, Mc Queen offers air-conditioned units, less than a 10-minute walk from Keramikos Metro Station. It has a bar and provides free Wi-Fi access in the public areas. More

Latest booking: 2 hours ago updater Athens Rental
Ava Hotel and Suites
Athens Rental
Superb, 9.4 Score from 23

Ava Hotel and Suites  

Plaka, Athens Rental

Just a 5-minute walk from the Acropolis, the 4-star Ava Hotel and Suites is centrally located in Plaka. It offers spacious, self-catered accommodation with a private balcony or terrace. More Athens Rental

Latest booking: 2 hours ago updater
Zina Hotel Apartments
Athens Rental
Very good, 8.5 Score from 18 reviews

Zina Hotel Apartments  

Glyfada,, Athens Rental

This budget hotel is situated in the fashionable Glyfada district, a 10 minutes’ walk from the beach and the commercial centre. It offers fully furnished apartments and free Wi-Fi. More Athens Rental

GreekFoodTv☼ Greens at an Athens' farmers market


Shopping for greens at a Greek farmer's market. To learn the names of so many healthy wild greens and other nutritious info, press more.

Greens in the Aegean
Probably no other wild food, save for mushrooms, is as difficult to categorize as greens. Greece has one of the richest floras in the world; there are over 300 varieties of edible wild greens and grasses and to this day most of these are esteemed in island cooking. The problem is making sense out of names because different names often refer to the same plant from place to place. While the following list by no means aims to be complete, it represents a selection of the most popular or distinct local wild greens in the southern Aegean.
Alifoni -- This thorny, ancient green goes by dozens of local names, including radiki tis thalassas (sea chicory), centaurio, astoivi, stamnagkatho. It tends to grow near the sea and is popular on many islands, but especially Tinos. It is eaten as a boiled salad.
Alivarvara - This is the thistle so esteemed by the ancients and still much appreciated today, especially in Kimolos, where it is generally collected after it rains. Island cooks pickle it and serve it as a meze for ouzo but also stew it with meat. In some islands it is known as ververida or karida (Syros).
Askolimbri, as it's called in Mykonos, or Skolimbro, as it's known in Kimolos -- Here is one of the most revered of the Greek wild greens, popular in many Aegean islands, most notably Crete. It is a thorny green that needs careful cleaning. In Mykonos, these greens are often preserved in brine; in Kimolos they are boiled for salad or cooked with meat or poultry in avgolemono (egg-lemon) sauce.

Avronia (Bryony) -- Connoisseurs say this is one of the most delicious Greek wild greens. It looks a little like thin asparagus stalks but the two are not related, and it has a characteristic, pleasantly bitter flavor. Although popular on most islands, bryony is especially liked on Sifnos. It is mainly boiled and served with olive oil and lemon or vinegar, and its bitter cooking liquid is consumed as a tonic.
Bouraza (Borage) -- Surprisingly common all over the islands, borage is especially esteemed in the traditional cookery of Mykonos, where it goes into bean soups, savory pies, lamb fricassée and baked salt cod.
Kousounades (Mykonos) or Koutsounades (Sifnos) -- Wild poppy leaves, also called paparounes on other islands. These long, delicate leaves are a popular addition to springtime savory pies.
Kritamo (Sea Fennel) -- An almost succulent, pleasantly bitter crawling vine that grows wild along the coast of many islands and is especially popular in Milos, Kimolos, and Tinos. It is typically pickled or put up in salt brine and used to embellish salads or on meze platters, especially for tsipouro and ouzo, because of its strong, briny flavor.
Lapatho (Sorrel) -- In Kos, sorrel is used as a filling for pies and most interestingly as a unique wrapping for dolmades in place of grape leaves.
Mantelides (Daisy Shoots) -- Mantelides is the local name in Kimolos, where these greens, a springtime staple, are a popular treat, boiled and served up as salad. Daisy shoots are also enjoyed on Kassos and Rhodes, where they are deep fried and served with skordalia.
Maratho (Wild Fennel) -- Arguably one of the most characteristic island wild greens, wild fennel seasons countless dishes, but especially the small hand-held savory pies and greens fritters that are a mainstay of almost every southern Aegean island's cuisine. How about the fennel seeds used as a seasoning in the Syros sausages?
Roikio -- A wild, thorny chicory known as stamnagathi on other islands, notably Crete, and radiki tis thalassas (sea chicory). It is especially esteemed on Kassos, where the leaves of this delicious, slightly bitter plant are preserved in coarse salt. They are rinsed and then cooked in a copious amount of olive oil and tomatoes.
Tsimbita (Black Mustard Greens) -- Tsimbita means "something that pinches," so named in the dialect of Kimolos because of their slightly bitter, peppery flavor. They are also known as pikroporiha on the island and as vrouves in the rest of Greece. They are boiled and served as a winter salad, usually dressed with vinegar.
Vodoglossa -- This is a well-known wild green in many of the southernmost Aegean islands, especially Kos and Rhodes. In English it is sometimes known as Salvation Jane or Patterson's curse. It is used in boiled salads and savory greens pies.
Volvoi (Wild Hyacinth Bulbs) -- One of the great treats of the Greek islands, hyacinth bulbs, with their distinct, bitter flavor, are dug out of the ground in spring, pickled and served forth as a meze par excellence, especially for ouzo and tsipouro.

Athens: Ancient Greek Supercity


This documentary examines the city state of Athens during the period of Pericles, their democratically elected leader for 30 consecutive years and never ostracized. Pericles had a vision of what Athens should look like and this episode tries to show you what it was in historical context.

Athens at that time was also a direct democracy and it was during this period that it achieved its height and its glory, but it was very short-lived. Due to disease and military conflict, Athens eventually had to surrender to Sparta.

The documentary focuses on the architectural, cultural and military history of the period. It begins by looking at the Acropolis but more specifically at the Parthenon, one of the most perfect buildings ever constructed and the most duplicated building and architectural style for hundreds of years worldwide. For people who have never seen the Parthenon in person or for those who have, this episode provides you a closer look at the interior of the building, how it was constructed and it's long history, a few of the things that you may have missed on your visit to the Parthenon! They end the segment by showing you how it most likely would have looked like in the past with its statues and its elaborately painted exterior.

It also examines in-depth the Agora just below the Acropolis -- the heart of ancient Athens. It looks at its uses, some of the important buildings that were located there and it provides you with a graphical reconstruction of the area and its buildings. because other than the well-preserved Temple of Hephaistos, everything else is in ruins or not discernible without a guide book or knowledge of the area.

The episode also looks at the military aspect of Athens. Due to Athens' impending conflict with Sparta, Pericles decided that it was necessary to build and reinforce its walls that protected its access to the sea and its navy. Although the massive walls were never breached by the Spartans (who never had siege warfare at the time), they no longer exist today. The episode also tries to reconstruct graphically how these walls may have looked like during Pericles' time.

The show also goes into detail on the Athenian navy and their famous triremes which were critical in protecting Athens and in its long war with Sparta.

In summary, this is an documentary about ancient Athens. It does a great job in showing you what currently exists, the history and the historical background behind what they are going to talk about and they provide excellent graphical representations of what Athenian buildings, structures and triremes would have looked like in the past. If you have visited Athens, you will appreciate this documentary and be able to view these impressive monuments from a different perspective.

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