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The Cyclades are a large group of islands located in the Aegean sea off the SE coast of main land greece. There are over 200 islands that make up this group, many of which are very small and uninhabited. The group of islands were named because originally they formed a crude circle around the central island of Delos.


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Hotels in Halkidik

Lagomandra Hotel

Oia Mare Villas
Fabulous, 8.6 Score from 205 reviews

Oia Mare Villas  


Ideally located on the outskirts of Oia, Oia Mare Villas overlook the south Aegean Sea. From the hotel’s swimming pool guests can gaze at the sea and enjoy the magnificent sunset views. There are 3 people looking at this aparthotel. More

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Villa Konstantin
Very good, 8.3 Score from 28 reviews

Villa Konstantin  

Mýkonos City

At an amazing location by the sea, close to the port and surrounded by nature, the Villa Konstantin offers well-equipped, rustic and charming apartments. More

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Royal Myconian Resort & Villas
Fabulous, 8.9 Score from 23 reviews

Royal Myconian Resort & Villas    


Overlooking its private sandy beach, the luxurious Royal Myconian Resort boasts elegant rooms with spectacular views of the Aegean and extensive spa facilities. There are 2 people looking at this resort. More

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La Perla Villas
Superb, 9.2 Score from 7 reviews

La Perla Villas    


La Perla Villas is a cluster of cave houses in the heart of the Caldera, in Oia, offering panoramic views of the seas and the Oia coastline. There are 2 people looking at this aparthotel. More

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Myconian Imperial Resort & Villas
Fabulous, 8.9 Score from 56 reviews

Myconian Imperial Resort & Villas    


The 5-star Myconian Imperial Resort & Thalasso Spa Centre boasts stunning views of the Aegean Sea and a private beach area. It includes spa facilities, gourmet cuisine, hot tub and 3 swimming pools. There is 1 person looking at this resort. More

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Mykonos island Cyclades Greece


Mykonos, in Greek: Μύκονος [ˈmikonos], is a Greek island, part of the Cyclades, lying between Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos. The island spans an area of 85.5 km2 (33 sq mi) and rises to an elevation of 341 m (1,119 ft) at its highest point. There are 9,320 inhabitants (2001) most of whom live in the largest town, Mykonos BEACH, which lies on the west coast. The town is also known as Chora (i.e. the Town in Greek, following the common practice in Greece when the name of the island itself is the same as the name of the principal town).
Tourism is a major industry.

Mykonos early human inhabitants were Carians, followed by Ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians, Cretans and Ionians
In ancient times, Mykonos, due to its proximity to the then highly populated island of Delos (situated about 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) away), became very important as a supply island and possibly as a getaway location for Delian citizens.

In Greek mythology Mykonos was the location of the battle between Zeus and the Titans,[citation needed] and the island was named in honor of Mykons, son of Anios who was a son of Apollo and nymph named Rio.

Since the 20th century
Tourism has dominated the economy since the 1950s

So, Mykonos island is part of the Cyclades islands group in the Aegean Sea. Mykonos is, with Santorini and Crete, the most famous and popular Greek islands and attracts thousands of visitors every year. The Greek island is famous for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, its gay community, its exciting nightlife that is often compared to Ibiza, its picturesque Cycladic capital full of mykonian whitewashed houses and blue domed churches, its luxery hotels, the sightseeings and its magnificent sandy beaches. This guide of Mykonos Greece provides much information: pictures, map, villages, history, museums, architecture, excursions, weather and more such as a large range of hotels.

Naxos Island  Cycladic  Greece


Naxos: In the heart of Cyclades, in the heart of Aegean, Naxos has, always, followed the destiny of adventure of residents of Aegean. This destiny is interwoven with travel, exchanges, new techniques and pioneering ideas, but also with wars and conflicts over the hegemony of sea.

Everything is big - imposing -, compared with the rest of Cyclades islands. The extent of the island is 435 sq. km and the length of coasts 91 km.
The form is an ellipsoid and with a mountainous volume from North to South across the island.
In the backbone of this ridge dominate Za Mountain (1004 m.) and Fanari (908 m.) the highest in Cyclades.

The landscape of the island has many rotations. Plains succeed barren areas, marble mountains lead in deep shadowed glens, areas with vegetation host all white villages and sandy beaches meet the sea.
The coastline of the island is almost straight and not forming large natural harbours, which affected the occupations of residents from the ancient years. In the island from end to end beautiful and clean coasts are situated next to small solitary coves. The ground of island is blessed and provides self-sufficiency to life of this place.

The rich aquifer of Naxos offers drinking water to wells and streams of the island. The fertile land produces citrus fruits, olives, fruits, vegetables, potatoes Naxos specials and amazing wine.
Livestock-farming and the apiculture are particularly developed and offer exceptional quality meats, milk, cheeses and thyme honey.

From geological aspect the subsoil presents great interest because of the presence of emery, of marble and granite that are exploitable products. The rocks constitute solidly foundations of Naxos and make the island stable against earthquake.

In this imposing and big island of Cyclades, where mountainous volumes dominate, with the highest altitudes in the Aegean, - with the highest peak of Cyclades, the top of Za (1004 m.) - immediately gives a sense of security and "stable", in this turbulent marine state of Cyclades.

Naxos itself is a whole universe.

Greek Island Alternative
Island Capital Population
(Census Year)
Island Area
(square km)
Amorgos - Amorgos 1,800 134
Anafi - Anafi 300 38
Andros - Andros 10,500 (1992) 373
Antiparos - Kastro 600 35
Delos - - uninhabited 5
Folegandros Pholegandros Folegandros 700 32
Ios Nios Ios 1,100 (1992) 105
Kea Tzia Ioulis 2,415 (2001) 121
Kimolos - Hora 700 36
Kythnos Thermia Kythnos Town 1,500 99
Milos Melos Plaka 4,500 151
Mykonos Mikonos Mykonos 6,200 (2002) 86
Naxos - Naxos 18,000 428
Paros Paro Parikia 7,000 209
Santorini Thera Fira 10,700 (2001) 80
Serifos - Serifos 1,200 73
Sifnos - Apollonia 2,000 74
Sikinos - Sikinos 300 41
Syros Siros Ermoupolis 21,000 86
Tinos - Tinos 9,000 195


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Villas to rent Parikia Paros Santorini Andros on the Greek Cycladic Islands