Maio Island Cape Verde

Maio belongs to the leeward group of islands and is located south of Boavista and about 25 km east of Santiago.

Cape Verde Islands are The Caribbean Islands on the wrong side of the Atlantic and as undeveloped as Lanzarote was 25 years ago.

Cape Verde is an archipelago comprising ten islands - some mountainous, some flat and sandy - in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. They are the next group of Islands below the Canary Islands,




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MAIO: Flights leaving from
Santiago reach this small island.
You can also arrive by boat.
Both the airport and the harbour
are in the capital Vila do Maio.

The fastest way to tour the island is from Vila do Maio. Renting a jeep you can reach any corner of this wonderful island.
From Vila do Maio you will reach Morro and then Calheta a small charming village. Going to Morrinho you will see a salted lake-pond where there are many fantastic beaches. From Morrinho to Praia de Galeao you will visit the small forest, the only green oasis of the island.



Two bedroom villa, on Maio Island, perched on a cliff top with an infinity pool and private access to sandy beach (50M). Comfortable, modern, spacious. secluded, quiet, tranquil and totally unspoilt  

About the island of Maio:

Vila do Maio Language: Portuguese & Creole Currency: CV Escudo
Mulatto 70%, African 28%, European 2%

Maio belongs to the leeward group of islands and is located south of Boavista and about 25 km east of Santiago.

It has a surface area of 268 km2, the longest point, in a north-south direction being 24 km and the widest point, in an east-west direction is 16 km. The island is on the whole fairly flat, the highest point, in the middle, is Monte Penoso, with an altitude of 436 m.

Although the island is volcanic in origin, there are few signs to show it. The climate is very dry and the land is essentially calcium based rock. There is little irrigated land and even though the climate is not particularly favourable for promoting vegetation, the island does in fact have the biggest forest park in Cape Verde.

Maio Island Cape Verde
The Northern region of the island has been well eroded by the rough seas and the strong Northeast winds. Along the coast there are numerous beautiful beaches of fine golden sand.

The main economic activities are agriculture (corn maize, beans, potatoes) and salt extraction. Porto Inglês, on the southwestern coast, is the chief town and administrative capital of Maio Island

The island was discovered on the 1st of May 1460 by the Portuguese navigators Diego Gomes and Antonio de Noli, and it was from the name of this month that the island "Maio" got its name. Although the island is essentially desert, there are oases to be found.

The rearing of animals, once the most important occupation, still remains a principal economic activity of the population. Howver, nowadays fishing is undoubtedly the main occupation of the islanders.

Maio is one of the most charming islands, the coasts north to south, are all covered by white sanded beaches leading to the natural sault ponds to the south. This island is not well known by tourists and has only few small posadas. It’s not very easy to reach, the only flights leave from Sal through Praia. Since it is not a very popular touristic destination, this island is still very wild and primitive both morpholigically and touristically speaking.
But if you love a very quite places, this is the right island for you. Here you can relax sitting in a very “primitive” restaurant tasting delicious seafood, chatting with the friendly locals, listening to the sound of the local (always life) music. Thanks to the fauna and to the clean water, the island of Maio has been included in the "Cabo Verde Nature 2000", a project specially developed to protect the fauna and flora, born in the University of Las Palmas, under CEE supervision.


Visit the capital Vila do Maio located on one of the most beautiful beach of the island. The architecture of the buildings have english influence. One of the most fascinating building in town is the small church "Nostra Senora da Luz", meeting place for all community.
Near te harbour area there is the Fortress called Sao Josè, built to fight pirats' incursions.
The second most populated town is Calheta,a small village where people live of agriculture and fishing.

Maio Island Cape Verde       Maio Island Cape Verde      Maio Island Cape Verde

Maio is very famous for its numerous beautiful white sanded beaches surrounding all the island.
Do not forget to leave the island without visiting these small wonderful paradises: Calhetinha and Pau Seco, near Morrinho village.
Tatarugas and Cais, near Porto Cais.
Praiona, Prainha and Boca Ribeira are really astonishing facing a deep blue ocean.

The towns of Calheta and Morrinho are located in the forested west. The latter shows little signs of activity since some of its houses are vacant. The village church stands on a little plaza lined with oleander bushes. On the other hand, Calheta displays its colourful little houses and a small plaza with a church that has a striking white-yellow facade.

The little town of Morro, surrounded by a grove of coconut palms, is also located in the west of the island and has a very beautiful swimming beach with fine sand. During the summer, turtles can be observed here. But be sure to keep a good distance between you and the nests of eggs because the animals quickly feel bothered and interrupt or stop laying eggs, leaving the nest defenceless. To the northeast of Morro, you will find a range of hills with the Monte Batalha peak (294 metres).


Spacious Maio Island Holiday Villa perched on cliff top with fantastic sea views

Wine on Terrace
This holiday property sleeps six people and comprises two bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a kitchen dining area, a large open plan living room and an outside terrace. The kitchen is fully equipped with everything needed for self-catering including: solid wood dining table with six chairs, refrigerator, and cooker with hob. For outside dining on the terrace there is an additional table with four chairs. In the living room there is a double sofa bed, two sofas, a TV and a stereo with CD and mp3 that takes USB & SD cards with a music collection on a USB dongle. There is also an in house phone provided with all the contact numbers needed for your stay. For gadgets there is a mix of UK & EU sockets with power protection. If you need to use your laptop there is WIFI internet close by. The property has fan cooling in all rooms to circulate the ocean breeze. The bathroom comes with towels and hairdryer etc. There is a large terrace and private garden that has a mix of tropical plants and two large hammocks.
Maio Island Villa  Maio Island Villa view from terrace
Outside the property

The development comprises twenty detached villas, fifteen semidetached bungalows and seven apartments. It has a large terrace and its own private garden that has a mix of equatorial and tropical plants and two large hammocks. The total size of the villa and garden is 310,94 sq meters. Due to its location and aspect it is sheltered from the prevailing trade winds so it is warm, even in the winter months. It is also exceptionally quiet as no traffic is allowed in the development. During the day there is a day guard whose duty is also to maintain the common areas and keep the pool clean. During the night there is a night guard to watch over the properties. The development has its own desalination plant for the production of clean fresh drinking water.
The Beaches
Maio Island Private Beach  Maio Island Beach

There private access to a small secluded sandy beach only accessible by villa owners down steps built into the cliff. The steps to this beach are on the other side of the pool that can be seen from the master bedroom window, about fifty meters from the villa. On the other side of the small beach is the town of Vila Do Maio. A short walk down through the town brings you out on the main street overlooking the long white sandy main beach.

Climate & Weather

The climate is tropical and dry. The average daytime temperature remains around 25°C and whilst there are highs and lows due to the influence from the Ocean, the changes do not exceed 10°C. The sea temperature is between 21°C in February and March up to 25°C in September and October. Rainfall is, unfortunately for the farmers, very rare. The sea temperature is several degrees warmer than the Canaries.
Activities - snorkeling and scuba diving - sailing, surfing and windsurfing - walking and trekking – cycling - bird watching - fishing (big game, shore and salt water fly).

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Maio Island belongs to the leeward group of islands and is located south of Boavista and about 25 km east of Santiago.Cape Verde Islands