Sao Vicente Island

The temperature in sao vicente Island is constant throughout the year ranging from twenty-five to thirty degrees. November to July is dry and windy while August to October is the rainy season.

Cape Verde is an archipelago comprising ten islands - some mountainous, some flat and sandy - in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. They are the next group of Islands below the Canary Islands.



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BoaVista Island in Cape Verde

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Hotel Don Paco
Sao Vicente Island

Hotel Don Paco  
Sao Vicente Island

Mindelo •

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Hotel Gaudi

Sao Vicente Island

Hotel Gaudi  
Sao Vicente Island

Mindelo •
Located in Mindelo city centre, 150 metres from the sandy beach, this hotel has a 24-hour front desk and features en suite rooms, a bar and a restaurant. There is 1 person looking at this hotel. More sao vicente Island

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Sao Vicente Island

The temperature in sao vicente is constant throughout the year ranging from twenty-five to thirty degrees. November to July is dry and windy while August to October is the rainy season. Most rain falls in September when the average rainfall is thirty millilitres.

sao vicente provides beaches for soaking up the guaranteed sunshine, water conditions that are perfect for wind surfing, an eighteen hole course for golfers and beautiful old towns and villages.



Cape Verde Property Hunting

Property prices are still low in comparison to the Caribbean, Canaries, and Spain. In Sal, there were new apartments and studios for sale from 38,000 euros. Prices rose over the last few years. Islands to consider: Sal (international airport with huge runway), Boavista (international airport ), Santiago (international airport), Sao Vicente  and Maio (airport) are the most popular destinations for property hunters. There are also re-sale properties available, but these tend to be more difficult to find. Off-plan sales are quite common, as developers are often short of capital and need you to fund them. You wouldn't purchase a property in the UK, without viewing, so make sure you get to see, feel, hear, and smell the location.


Sal Island Cape Verde

Sal is a great place to visit if you like a relaxing beach holiday, sunbathing and watersports such as Diving, windsurfing, surfing and fishing.
Santo Antao Island
Cape Verde
Tarrafal, Santiago, Cape Verde.  I flew back to the island of Santiago, where the capital is located, for my flight back to Dakar and, eventually, New York.  Tarrafal beach, to the north of the capital, is a nice spot to relax.

Santo Antao is one of the most beautiful islands of the archipelago of Cape Verde. The mountain forests and valleys of Santo Antao are truly great for hiking.
BoaVista Island
 in Cape Verde

turtles cap verde
The countryside of Boavista is, dominated by sand dunes and plantations of coconut and date palms, has a white sand desert in the interior, almost cheek by jowl with a subtropical oasis
Sao Nicolau Island
Cape Verde

Sao Nicolau Port
Sao Nicolau is located between the major islands of Sal and Sao Vicente Cape Verde Islands
Maio Island Cape Verde
Wine on Terrace
Maio Island belongs to the leeward group of islands and is located south of Boavista and about 25 km east of Santiago.
Fogo Island Cape Verde
The Capital of Fogo Island is Sao Filipe and it is a wonderful colonial town filled with charming old buildings built by the Portugese.
Bravo Island Cape Verde

Brava is perhaps the most beautiful of Cape Verde's ten islands. Cape Verdeans call Brava, "the island of flowers." But this entirely misses the point of Brava's beauty.
Santiago Island Cape Verde

Mendelo-Soa-Vincente-Island Beach Scene

Sao Vicente Island

Mindelo Harbour

Sao Vicente Island

Sao Vicente Island Cape Verde is by far the most fastly growing area on the island.  A beauiful place for anyone to purchase a home or just to buy for Investment purposes and to rent out.

The next largest city in the Cape Verde after is Mindelo and also Praia in Santiago is extremely popular.  There are churches, post offices, Banks, a good variety of shops, and also a Hospital actually on the island.

 The ability of very large ships to come into port has aided the development of the infrastructure and the economy.

There is an adequate supply of water and electricity.on sao vicente Island

Only 11% of Sao Vicente's inhabitants own a car, so travel is mostly achieved on foot or by bicycle. People in Cape Verde are generally friendly and it is customary in Sao Vicente to offer a lift to those that need it.

The island is connected by three main roads. They join the towns of Baia das Gatas, Sao Pedro, Calhau and Madeiral with Mindelo. More tarmac roads are being built every year to replace the cobbled streets.


Sao Vicente Island

mindelo cape verde  Sao Vicente Map

Sao Vicente Island

Sao Vicente Island or Sanvicente in Crioulo, is one of the Barlavento islands of the Cape Verde. Sao Vicente Island is located between the islands of Santo Antão and Sao Nicolau. There is an airport on Sao Vicente and it is located in the southwest.

sao vicente Island Airport......sao vicente Island......sao vicente Island......sao vicente Island Airport

sao-vicente-airport sao-vicente-airport bays 

Sao Vicente’s population is around 50,000 of which most are housed in its main town of Mindelo. Sao Vicente is mainly dry, so has adapted its main industries to fishing and tourism.

sao vicente Island Cafe

Beach Bar

Sao Vicente Island is known for the Baia das Gatas Music Festival. The terrain of Sao Vicente includes mountains to the west, the southwest, the south, the east-central and the north. Sao Vicente is volcanic in origin, however it is quite flat. Sao Vicente’s tallest peak is Monte Verde, which can be found in the northeast with an altitude of 774 metres. Sao Vicente’s capital city Mindelo was voted as the Capital of culture of the Portuguese Speaking Countries in 2003.

sao vicente Island Market

sao vicente IslandIndoor Market

The Mercado Municipal (Municipal Market) in Mindelo city.
 Another colonial building.  It still has a Portuguese coat of arms on the façade.

The population of Sao Vicente in the 2010 census was 76,107 of which 5,639 are rural. It is the second most populous island of Cape Verde. The annual population growth is around 1.3% (higher than the state (national) level of 1.2%). 92.6% of the population live in urban areas, higher than the Cape Verde's level of 61.8% and is the highest in all of Cape Verde. Life expectancy is 70,4 for males and 78 for females, higher than some other parts of the world. The birth rate is 2.7% and infant mortality rate is 21 per 1000 live births (for comparison 103 in DR Congo, 55 in India, 27 in Turkey, 23 in Brazil, 16 in Russia, 4 in Finland).

The majority of the population are young; 66% of the population are under the age of 30, and 8.6% of the population are over the age of 60. The island has 16,000 families, of which there are an average of 3,6 persons per household, lower than Cape Verde's level of 3,9 persons per household. 56% of the families live in houses, the other 30% live in poorly-built houses.

About only 11% of the families own automobiles, which is 7.4% of Cape Verde's level.

Population of Sao Vicente, Cape Verde (1940—2010)
1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010
15,848 19,576 20,705 31,578 41,594 51,277 67,163 76,107

Sao Vicente Island's Nightlife

Nightlife on sao vicente is fairly low-key. Mindelo has some lively bars and clubs but it is not known as a party capital unless, that is, you visit during the colourful February carnival or the August music festival. At such times it becomes very lively indeed. Evenings can be spent in the large number of restaurants around the bay watching the sun descending into the ocean.

About sao vicente Island:
The surface area of Santo Antão is 779Km2. It is the second largest island of the archipelago and is rather like a trapezoid in shape.

Along the middle of the island, a mountain range runs from northeast to southeast and ends at Tope da Coroa, a relatively recent volcanic peak with an altitude of 1979m. Other peaks are Pico da Cruz (1814m) to the northeast and Guido do Cavaleiro (1811m) to the southeast.

There are still some signs of Santo Antão`s volcanic past. The crater named Cova, for example, is very well preserved. Due to the effects of erosion, the streams are deep and the peaks are very sharp and steep. With the combination of a rugged interior and picturesque coastlines, Santo Antao is visually very interesting and charming.

Climate in sao vicente Island:
The climate is dry in the south, cool in the central region (at an Altitude of 1000m) and humid in the northeast region. Quite naturally, the vegetation varies dramatically between regions. The high zones are covered with trees like the eucalyptus, the cypress, and the pine-tree. The south, in total contrast, is arid with herbaceous vegetation.

In the north, parts have been worn away by the northeast winds and the rough seas, forming some superb beaches such as Praia Formosa.

History about sao vicente Island:
Diogo Afonso discovered the island of Santo Antão on the 17th of January in 1462. Colonialization began in 1548. In the 19th century, roads were built linking Ponta do Sol to Ribera Grande and Porto Novo, and it was from here that the island`s goods were first shipped out.

Hotels in Cape Verde
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Capital: Porto Grande  
Language: Portuguese & Creole
Currency: CV Escudo
Mulatto 71%, African 28%, European 1%


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Sao Vicente Island Cape Verde temperature sao vicente is constant throughout the year ranging from twenty-five to thirty degrees.


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Sao Vicente Island Cape Verde wrong side of Atlantic undeveloped as Lanzarote was 25 years ago sao vicente Island