Sal is a great place to visit if you like a relaxing beach holiday, sunbathing and watersports such as Diving, windsurfing, surfing and fishing.

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Cape Verde Islands are The Caribbean Islands on the wrong side of the Atlantic and as undeveloped as Lanzarote was 25 years ago.





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BoaVista Island in Cape Verde

Fogo Island Cape Verde

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Sal Island Cape Verde.

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Melia Tortuga Beach Resort & Spa

Santa Maria

Sal Island

Cape Verde

Melia Tortuga Beach
Resort & Spa

This luxury beach and spa resort on Sal Island is situated on Cape Verde. It offers fully equipped villas, which boast private swimming pools surrounded by palm trees. There is also a spa and fitness centre. . More Info Sal Island

Aquamarina Suites

Santa Maria

Sal Island

Cape Verde

Aquamarina Suites

Santa Maria

Set in the heart of Santa Maria, this residence is just a 2-minute walk from the beach and the main plaza. You can enjoy the sea views from your private veranda or have a relaxing massage on site. . More Info  Sal Island

Sao Vicente Island
Cape Verde
Mendelo-Soa-Vincente-Island Beach Scene

The temperature in Sao Vincente is constant throughout the year ranging from twenty-five to thirty degrees.
Santo Antao Island
Cape Verde
Tarrafal, Santiago, Cape Verde.  I flew back to the island of Santiago, where the capital is located, for my flight back to Dakar and, eventually, New York.  Tarrafal beach, to the north of the capital, is a nice spot to relax.

Santo Antao is one of the most beautiful islands of the archipelago of Cape Verde. The mountain forests and valleys of Santo Antao are truly great for hiking.
BoaVista Island
 in Cape Verde

turtles cap verde
The countryside of Boavista is, dominated by sand dunes and plantations of coconut and date palms, has a white sand desert in the interior, almost cheek by jowl with a subtropical oasis
Sao Nicolau Island
Cape Verde

Sao Nicolau Port
Sao Nicolau is located between the major islands of Sal and Sao Vicente Cape Verde Islands
Maio Island Cape Verde
Wine on Terrace
Maio Island belongs to the leeward group of islands and is located south of Boavista and about 25 km east of Santiago.
Fogo Island Cape Verde
The Capital of Fogo Island is Sao Filipe and it is a wonderful colonial town filled with charming old buildings built by the Portugese.
Bravo Island Cape Verde

Brava is perhaps the most beautiful of Cape Verde's ten islands. Cape Verdeans call Brava, "the island of flowers." But this entirely misses the point of Brava's beauty.
Santiago Island Cape Verde
Sal Island

Sal Island, Cape Verde: Stroll along the enormous, pristine beach with barely another soul on it. Amble through the cobbled, colourful streets of Santa Maria. Look out for the fishermen returning with their catch of the day - which may just end up on your plate for dinner. Float in the salt pool, Pedra Lume, in the crater of an extinct volcano. Watch the sun go down with a cocktail at the end of yet another glorious day.
The Insiders Guide to Sal Island, Cape Verde is the most up-to-date travel guide available for Sal. First published in 2005 and now in its 5th Edition (just published in March 2012), the guide is still going strong. People who bought the book have said: "If you are going to Sal Island you must get this guide book. None of the others have enough detail on the practical things you need to know about Sal and none of them are as up-to-date." JW, Bristol "Really well written, informative and useful. I would recommend the Insider's Guide to Sal Island to anyone going there." MT, Waterlooville, Hampshire

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Sal Island Cape Verde.

Sal Island is a realy great place to visit if you like a truly relaxing beach holiday, sunbathing and watersports such as Diving, windsurfing, surfing and fishing. World champion windsurfer Josh Angulo resides in Sal and plys his trade on some of Sals renowned windy shores. There are a number of surf schools along Sals Santa Maria beach along with many Scuba Diving centres (PADI accredited). Recent additions to Sals tourists attractions are a number of chartered boats which can be found in front of the Morabeza Hotel.

Sal, meaning Salt in Portuguese is one of the Barlavento islands of Cape Verde. Sal is 30 km long by 12 km wide. Sal is a sandy and plane eastern island, just like Boa Vista and Maio, with wonderful white sandy beaches. Sal's highest point is Monte Grande, at a small 406 metres. Sal is the oldest island in the archipelago of Cape Verde, and was created 50 million years ago during the eruption of a volcano which now lays dormant.

Sal Map

Sal's main town is Vila dos Espargos, and is home to one of Cape Verde's international airports. Sal's population grew rapidly with many jobs coming from salt collection which later moved on to a fishing industry, but Sal's main industry is now tourism. Santa Maria is the busiest beach resort in Cape Verde and hosts around 50% of the tourists each year. Sal has a great position in the ocean for water sports and Santa Marias large coastline is a wonderful place to try out many water sports which are easily available.

Kite-Surfing Sal-kite-boarding

Sal Island is a very dry island and is affected by constant erosion. Sal Island has the look of a desert like region, but it provides far more then just desert and is a very charming island.

Fruit-sellers-Sal-Island  Local-Sal-Fisherman

Regardless of the touristic resorts and hotel on Sal Island that have been constructed in Sal in recent years, the island of Sal continues to be relatively underdeveloped and its appearance on the road from Espargos (Capital) to Santa Maria (touristic area) is flat, barren and moonlike. Upon arrival in Santa Maria, Sal, the landscape becomes one of new colourful buildings, cafe's, small bars and restaurants.


Outside of Santa Maria, Sal Island offers other interesting places to visit. The salt mines in Pedra De Lume are a must see if you want to swim in the highly concentrated salt water, which will give you the experience of being unable to sink. Put on your sun cream and float away for the afternoon!.

Buracona Cave Buracona Cave flow

Another tourist attraction on Sal Island is Buracona, a little inlet which spurts water some 10m high in the air, where visitors can spend the afternoon watching local people jumping into the water or participating themselves.

For those looking to see some more of Sal Island, Sal, Palmeira offers a chance to see the port and some of the local fishing industry. The village is small but has grown over the last few years. Behind the village is the main industrial zone for Sal and one can find a number of warehouses and industries located here.

If you are visiting Sal Island during the summer months, a night out is recommended on southernmost tip of Sal called Igrejinha. A small beach bar has opened on the beach front (it is the only dwelling there!) and offers a range of grilled food and a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It offers a range of parties throughout the summer and great for anyone looking for a different night out on Sal.

 All 50 rooms have a panoramic view of the marvellous golden sand beach. They are equipped with Tv, mini-bar, air-conditioning, ceiling fan ventilators and a beautiful natural ventilation through the windows installed. In the hotel you can find our seaview restaurant and the bar where you can taste the local caipirinha. We also have a Club Mistral windsurf center and Orca diving center in our hotel. there is also wireless internet. So why not take a vacation in complete tranquillity and enjoy the warm hospitality of Hotel Sab Sab
The Island of Sal provides all the delights of a fantastic holiday including turquoise blue sea, crystal clear water, virgin beaches and sunshine all year round.Here you'll find a family hotel named hotel Sab Sab


Papayas Bar Sal

Welcome to Papayas Bar & Restaurant Santa Maria, Sal Island. Set on the harbour wall of the old port (Porto Antigo) in the very heart of the sleepy fishing town of Santa Maria, Sals  Papayas offers incredible views across the pure white sands and turquoise waters of the bay. The extensive A la carte menu prepared by both local & international chefs ranges from freshly caught seafood to English-style Sunday roasts to Tapas and much more  all at excellent prices and in one of the finest settings in the world. Relax on one of several outside terrace areas or gardens complete with hammocks, with the waves lapping up below soothed by traditional, South American and Mediterranean music.

Then the weather of Sal's Cape Verde is warm all year around. It usually ranges between 21  30 degrees and most of the days are filled with sunshine. Even during the depths of European winter, Sal remains warm and visitors can easily suntan on the beaches. January to April see the trade winds blowing through Cape Verde. These winds keep the humidity very low and keep the temperature pleasant (so that it doesn't get unbearably hot). Rain does affect Cape Verde. The rainy season begins at the end of August and persists until October. However rainfall is very low and Sal receives no more than a couple of days of rain during these months.

shipwreck of the Cabo Santa Maria Sal

The shipwreck of the Cabo Santa Maria Sal.The Cabo Santa Maria Sal Island ran aground on
 Praia Boa Esperanca
 (Boa Esperanca Beach) in 1968.

Listed below is a small list of Villas to rent on Sal Island from private owners.

Listed above is a small list of Villas to rent on Sal Island from private owners.

Arrivals at Sal Airport  

An international airport was built here in 1939 and makes Sal Island one of the major gateways to the Cape Verde islands;  plus the abundance of magnificent white sand beaches and guaranteed sun has turned Sal into a major tourist destination. Originally named Liana meaning flat, but was given its current name when a lagoon in a crater of a now extinct volcano was discovered to produce salt. It is relatively small, 30km in length north to south and does not exceed more than 12km in width. Its highest point is Monte Vermelho, with a height of 406m.

Ideal for sun worshippers who head for the resort hotels springing up along the coast between the airport and Santa Maria.

Ones first impression of Santa Maria is liken to happening upon a beach fringed wild west town painted in pastel. Pretty single storey houses washed in pink, pale blue, yellow and faded terracotta. Poke your head through a doorway and your more than likely to find a bar, gift shop or store.

Arguably Sal Island is the most cosmopolitan island in the archipelago as nightlife abounds, with a choice of bars, clubs and restaurants. Freshly caught fish is always on the menu  tuna steaks, lobster, and swordfish  cooked to a local recipe.

Places to visit on Sal Island include the Pedro Lume salt mines  dramatically contained inside the vast Caldeira of a long extinct volcano  the saliency level is on a par with the Dead Sea and is well worth experiencing for a weightless float. Palmeira

A port town built to receive cargo ships, Sal's Palmeira is an interesting place to visit. You can take a tour of the salt purifying stations can and anyone who likes lobster will love a visit to the lobster farms where you can purchase a lobster at very reasonable prices.

There are daily flights between Sal and Praia. As the main island, Sal is serviced by many airlines, the most important of them being TAP Portugal, South African Airlines and the Cape Verdian national airline TACV.


Sal Island Cape Verde.



HEALTH  No vaccinations are required for entry to Sal Cape Verde. It is not recommended to drink the tap water; mineral water is in plentiful supply. Tourists receive free hospital treatment in general hospitals on presentation of their passports, but private health insurance is strongly advised. There is a new hospital and new private health clinics being built on Sal


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Sal Cape Verde Islands Sal is a great place to visit if you like a relaxing beach holiday, sunbathing and watersports such as Diving, windsurfing, surfing and fishing.Sal Island, Cape Verde Islands