Rental Property in Turkey at Bodrum on The Turkish RivieraAegean Area,Bodrum Peninsula


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Property in Turkey at Bodrum on The Turkish Riviera
Property in Turkey at Bodrum on The Turkish Riviera
Sunday 23. Feb 2014
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 Rental Property on The Aegean Coast at Bodrum




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Hotels List in the Bodrum Area

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Aegean area    

The Aegean coast of Turkey, from Marmaris in the south to the opening of the Dardanelles at Canakkale, offers spectacular natural and man-made wonders and an easy introduction to the fascinating culture of modern Turkey. To make it even better, western Turkey is remarkably inexpensive. Bodrum, the southernmost major holiday town of the Aegean, is the center of attraction of the whole region. It is famous both among Turkish and foreign travelers. The population jumps from 50,000 people to more than half a milllion during summer time. This small village was first made known 30 years ago by the "the fisherman of Halicarnasus", poet Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli.

The "Blue Cruise", a world famous Turkish Mediterranean classic for yachting and sailing through the blue of the Egean and the Mediterranean in wooden boats with 2-12 cabins, started in Bodrum.

Bodrum now has many small villages and towns spread all over its peninsula, almost all having resorts, hotels, guest houses, bars, restaurants, shops ... The small village Yaliciftlik east of Bodrum has only 3 resorts on the sea and is still in its original unspoilt form. The city itself is famous for its nighlife, with numerous bars, discos, restaurants, cafes and shops offering the most that Turkey has to offer, second only to Istanbul. You may choose to stay in a guest house or hotel in the city itself for best experiencing the nightlife.

If all you are looking for is a quiet location on or near the beach you may choose the small villages along the peninsula such as Bitez (15 minutes from Bodrum), Gumusluk or Yalikavak (both 30 minutes from Bodrum) Gumusluk is also famous for its fish restaurants.

There are numerous sports activities, such as diving, jetskis (allowed only in some coves), waterskiing, windsurfing (one of the best places in the world for windsurfing is Bitez), paragliding (now available in Oren, one hour drive from Bodrum) and many more...

Bodrum has now an international airport which is reachable from some major cities in Europe. There are also ferries to Greek islands, Kos and Rhodes, from Bodrum. Istanbul-Bodrum is 12 hours by bus, 1 hour by air. Located in the southwest corner of Turkey, Marmaris is a famous destination for both Turkish and foreign travelers. It is one the most important yachting centers in Turkey. The beauty of Marmaris comes from the combination of green of the mountain sceneries of pine forests and the blue of the beautiful Mediterranean. The winding road descending to Gokova bay has one of the most breathtaking sceneries in Turkey.

There are many small bays along the peninsula that streches till Knidos, an ancient Carian cities. Accomodation ranges from top resorts to camping sites on the beaches among the pine trees. It is possible to find relaxing and isolated bays in this peninsula. In the tiny mountain villages, it is possible to find naturally grown vegetables and restaurants who serve meals done with natural ingredients.

Marmaris is not as popular as Bodrum for Turkish travelers, since its night life is not as lively as Bodrum's, though by international standarts, it has a pretty busy night life during tourist season, from April through October.



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