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Valencia, or València, is the capital of the autonomous community of Valencia and the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona, with around 809,000 inhabitants in the administrative centre alone.



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Valencia is the 3rd biggest city in Spain - Valencia, old town, cathedrals, streets, plazas, buildings.

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Valencia is the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. Valencia is situated on the banks of the Turia river, on the eastern coast of the Iberian peninsula and the western part of the Mediterranean Sea, fronting the Gulf of Valencia.
The most important places to visit in Valencia are: Cathedral of Valencia (if seen from the top the Latin cross shape of cathedral can be seen. Holy Grail can be seen in one of the cathedral's chapels), Bioparc (it is not another zoo! Make sure you have enough free space on your flash-card), Museum of Science (if you short in time or if you visited something similar in Germany or France you might skip this option, but if you have 1 day, you can buy a combined ticket to visit this museum too), Oceanografic (worth visiting, the best part is dolphin show. Normally overcrowded, so reserving tickets online might be a good idea), Central market and many more.
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Biopark. Valencia. Spain


Bioparc Valencia is a zoological park of a new generation, created employing the concept of zoo-immersion: immersing the visitor completely in wild habitats.

Bioparc Valencia is also dedicated to conservation of animals, to education and to awareness of the necessity of preserving natural ecosystems.

It participates in many captive breeding programs for species in danger of extinction, and at the same time it offers a rich educational experience.

But beyond its educational and conservational role, Bioparc Valencia is also a magical world.

Offering exciting experiences around every bend, during every minute of the visit. It is an adventure in discovering wild animals and their habitats.


Zoo-immersion is a philosophy and design technique that endeavors to immerse the visitor in a faithful re-creation of natural habitats. The animals, the vegetation and the landscape form a setting that invites the visitors to discover the complexity of the natural ecosystems surrounding them.

The barriers are hidden, giving a sense of continuity between the enclosures in which the animals live and the space that the public occupies.

Valencia Information


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